Top 6 Service Booking Industry Trends That Matter in 2021: Ways to Achieve Beyond

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The on-demand service industry is flooded with many service professionals and they partnered with the digitized platforms to show their availability in order to get the bookings from the customer side. As we all know, the on-demand economy is growing in an exponential manner after the arrival of smart online platforms.

On the basis of that aspect, either a service provider or the service handlers look for such kinds of platforms to address the customer’s daily needs in an accurate way. Prior to creating such a platform, it is necessary to know the trends that highly accumulate in the on-demand service industry.

In this article, you can easily grasp the top trends that highly occupy in 2021 and the top essential ways to address those trends in an efficient manner. Prior to moving on to the trends, the state of the on-demand service industry in the current scenario must be known clearly.

State of On-demand Service Industry in 2021 & Beyond

The changes in the customer preferences like getting everything at their doorstep and the global pandemic give rise to revenue of on-demand services. By the accumulation of experienced people in a single window, the real-time demands from the customer get fulfilled via smart online platforms.

With the objective of immediate fulfillment of transport demands, uber apps are emerging. After knowing the grand success of the uber application, the extension of this model into the various service booking may provide extensive revenue gaining chances to the service professionals.

I can show you the top 10 booming on-demand service industries and their market volume in an accurate manner.

  • Online Ecommerce Industry- One of the prominent service industries is the online ECommerce industry where the overall growth value will be observed as 6.542 trillion $ by 2023.
  • Transport Industry- A golden platform for taxi drivers to earn a specific volume of revenue. The whole market volume will be observed as 304.97 bn USD in 2025 as per the research report
  • Food Delivery Services- By the huge participation of millennials, the market volume is 200 bn USD in 2025 and beyond too.
  • Healthcare Booking- Due to the usage of healthcare booking app is high, the revenue value for the online healthcare market will be observed as 90 bn USD in 2020.
  • Fuel Delivery- Due to the fulfillment of emergency fuel needs, the fuel delivery services have a volume of 4638.1 bn USD in 2025 and the growth rate will be observed as 1.8% compared to 2020.
  • Logistic Services- According to Forbes, 61% of the industries prefer the perfect logistic services to transport the goods from one to another.
  • Handyman Services- With the arrival of booking apps, the overall market volume of the handymen services is to be attained at 4.4 bn in 2021. The overall percentage growth value will be observed as 1.8% in 2021.
  • Home Services- the use of an on-demand booking app allows the home people to book the caretakers or healthcare professionals to get extensive care directly at home. The global revenue earning for the on-demand home services will be observed to be 1574.86 bn USD in 2024 as per Technavio reports.
  • Travel Services- Not only homely travel but the emergence of corporate travels to various locations also bring an essential boom to the travel industry. According to the statista report, the market size of the travel agency will be observed as 43.79 bn USD in 2021.
  • Tutoring Services- By grouping the number of teaching professionals with specialized subject skills, the overall revenue growth will be 1.63 bn USD in 2021 and the growth rate will be 13.2 % compared to 2020.

From the listed stats, you can arrive at a point such that entering the on-demand service industry via the perfect smart platform will definitely increase the revenue value.

6 Trends That Matter in On-demand Service Industry-2021 & Ways to Address it

With the relevant technologies, smart platforms, and unique implementation methods, I can show you the top 6 trends in the on-demand service industry.

1.Participation in On-demand Space More

The number of service professionals who participated in the on-demand space is more. Organizing them under a single roof, assigning the activities to them, and tracking them are handled are the trendy practices in the on-demand space.

Way 1: Creating a smart network of service professionals via an on-demand service booking app is the feasible option for the service providers. Recently, the Uber for X app acts as the perfect aggregation platform for this process. Also, this is a perfect fit platform to map the customer’s needs with the service professionals’ availability.

2.Picking High-Qualified Professionals

With the drastic development of the internet and smart knowledge platforms, the service professionals gained a wide knowledge in service handling and the essential supporting platforms. Since the participation of professionals is more, picking the high-qualified professionals is the top-most trend in the on-demand service industry.

Way 2: The use of on-demand application allows the startup owners to build the partnership with the service professionals easily. The dedicated profile and the service templates allow the professionals to show their information and the service offering details in a smart way. With this, picking high-skilled professionals is the easy way for the customers.

3.App-based Background Checks

Validation or background check of service professionals is the essential activity for the admin or service owner to assure the quality of the services is high. The detailed analysis of the service professionals and the experience details prior to onboarding assures the guarantee of transparency in service handling.

Way 3: The direct inclusion of the digitized documents uploading and checking options in the service professionals and the admin side respectively will be the perfect fit to meet this trend. The admin can verify the credentials, experience details digitally and provide the approval for onboarding.

4.Intelligence in Analytics

Always, the smartness in the workflow and the immediate attention to the customer needs always capture good attention in the on-demand market. The smart workflow is achieved with the inclusion of intelligent analytics. Recently, visual, in-app analytics are highly getting familiar in recent days.

Way 4: The inclusion of in-app messaging, push notifications within the app is helpful to engage customers easily. Further, the consideration of the GPS-based location identification and navigation allows the service providers to easily track the customer’s location and the optimal distance to complete the trip in less time. Hence, the number of services taken is more that increase productivity.

5.Automated Devices Participation

With the emerging automated devices like robots, drones, and smart wearable devices, the delivery services or personalized care services changed their workflow. The accuracy of the service completion is high with these devices. To integrate these devices, the smart app platform is the needed one.

Way 5: Creating the perfect-fit platform like Uber for X is the only way to meet this trend. Yes. The integration in a digitized manner and the perfect mapping of these devices into the real-time needs via the Uber for X app will definitely increase the accessibility of your services.

6.Unique Demands from Various Customers

Either the regional or the arrival of smart platforms, the customer’s demands are periodically changed. Aware of those demands and address them via smarter solutions are the necessary concepts for the successful growth and sustainability

Way 6: With the inclusion of reviews or feedback options in the Uber for X application, the knowledge of customer requirements is easily gained. By tracking or analyzing them continually, you can change the way of the service offerings if required. With this option, you can be built your service booking business model as an updated one according to varying customer preferences.

Wrapping Up

Booking everything into online platforms is the essential activity observed from the customer side. The demands from the customers are varying continuously in the market due to the arrival of the new techie platforms and the new models evolved.

Addressing these demands in a perfect manner highly depends on the knowledge of the trends that matters in 2021. I hope the trends and the corresponding ways to meet are useful for the on-demand service startup owners and make them gain more profit.

I am working as a senior content writer and ambitious in exploring new advances in on-demand business.